The Ego

He who stands on his tiptoes does not stand firm; he who stretches his legs does not walk comfortably. He who displays himself does not shine;…….From the ancient Chinese book of Tao by Lao Tzu

The ego hinders the ability to express our ability. Self-praising too much is also Ego but on the other hand, showing too much humbleness is another side of ego. Just being ourselves is the path of the middle.

Certain people won’t express themselves freely not because of shyness but because of thinking too much about what others will say if something goes wrong. This is also part of the ego. Isn’t it?

If we just do, what we can do to the best of ability, that’s it. We don’t need to propagate too much or don’t need to sit at the corner as if we are too humble either. 

Sun does not declare she is rising…Automatically we know…Isn’t it? 

Because of ego, sometimes we underestimate or overestimate ourselves and others. Everyone emanates from the same source for a purpose and each one is unique. Let’s not judge quickly.


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